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Right Choice Bookkeeping offers a full range of accounting services.
Our business is fully insured by giving protection to our customers; We meet the requirements of data protection in force in the UK.

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Self-employment is one of the simplest forms of doing business in the UK. Self – employed person earns income directly from own business, trade, or profession. You are personally liable for any debts that your business runs up.


Self Assessment is short for the 'Self Assessment tax return', a form that many business owners need to send to HMRC each year to report how much they have earned and from what sources.


A limited company is an organisation that it’s responsible in its own right for everything it does and its finances are separate to owners personal finances.


Limited company must pay income tax called the Corporation Tax. In addition it should also be registered for PAYE in order to pay the tax and social security contributions of their employees (including directors).


If you work as a subcontractor or are employee (employee hired by the company) you may be eligible for a tax refund.


We provide consulting for small and medium-sized companies from all over England, which represent a broad spectrum of economic activity.

Why use our service ?

Right Choice Bookkeeping

We offer friendly customer service- the basis of the customer relationship is our understanding of the situation, counseling and assistance in solving problems. We believe that it is the foundation leading to the creation of long-term cooperation based on mutual trust.

We guarantee professional work - knowledge of tax law allows us to provide service to companies operating in various industries. We use all our knowledge and experience in advising our customers.

We offer competitive prices while presenting the highest level of our services. Our office also provide the ability to spread payments in installments and discounts for regular customers.


Right Choice Bookkeeping - always efficient and pleasant to do business with - the fact that they are often open on a Saturday makes it really convenient for me.

Judith Edison

They are very good. If you ask any questions they respond to you – you do not have to chase them. I consider them value for money because, to me, it's important to have quality accountants and you've got to be very comfortable with them.

Rob Foxall

I have found Right Choice Bookkeeping to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

John Robson

Many thanks for all your help and advice and for looking after us in the excellent way that you do without which we would be at a complete loss.

Zara Blackburn